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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  July 13, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning, 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, july 13. new on "action news" a hit arena run driver leaves a man fighting for his life. >> new jersey governor chris christie says the white house so partly to blame for the violence in the middle east. >> the world cup will be decided today. you can watch it live on 6abc. but first outside with david murphy in for chris sowers with a preview. >> reporter: hey, guys we're off to a fairly overcast start with sun breaking through here and there. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing showers popping up, the main batch is down by wilmington. not a lot of real heavy rain, but you could get a brief downpour. looks like some of this has popped into chester county and southern montgomery county, so we're watching a couple of sprinkles and showers this morning. thanks to my twitter follower,
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kelly, newark, delaware, 74 degrees at this hour. as you look at temperatures across the region, everybody on or about the low 70s. 73 in philadelphia. 69 in sea isle city, a little bit cooler at the shore. we roll through the day it will be hot and more humid than yesterday. 74 degrees by 9:00 a.m. noon, 84. 89 by 3:00 p.m. with a high of 90 hitting 4:00 p.m. before we go back down to 86 by 6:00 p.m. at times there can be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, but the best chance of that is north and west of philadelphia, late today and this evening, the way things are looking now. if you're heading to the playground it will be hot and humid, i recommend cool drinks for the kids, especially if they are playing baseball or something like that. when i step inside we have stronger storms tomorrow and tuesday, as well. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> police in delaware are looking for a hit-and-run
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driver. the victim was a man in his 60s. he nearly died in the street. he was hit while crossing west newport pike around 11:30. we checked overnight he is listed in critical condition. his name has not been released. delaware state police are looking for information that will lead to the driver and the vehicle involved. to the big board now, new jersey governor, chris christie said president obama is partly to blame for the middle east unrest. the republican governor said obama has not spoken firmly and forcefully on israel's behalf. these remarks came as israel targeted civilian institutions with ties to had a mass. israel said it is acting in self-defense against hamas rockets. govern said israel is not -- governor said israel is not sure it has the full support like
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they used to and that's a real failure of this president. organizations like hamas need to be dealt with and obama has not done so. christy has been open about a 2016 presidential run. meanwhile, the white house has said the president condemned the rocket attacks. the white house said the president has offered to have the u.s. negotiate a cease-fire. eva. >> also new overnight, a septa bus driver was allegedly attack, now police are searching for the person who did it. the action cam was at 24th an lehigh. the driver was operating the route 54 bus. him there were other passengers on the bus at the time. police are investigating exactly what happened and why. at this hour no arrests have been reported. the driver refused to be taken to the hospital. a girl who lost her parents and siblings in a gunman's
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rampage in texas is telling her story. cassidy stay had a bullet that grazed her head. despite the terror she called for help and that saved lives. kenneth moten has the emotional day. >> reporter: her entire family was taken away but not her courageous spirit or that smile. 15-year-old cassidy stay was surrounded by loved ones in houston, texas speaking out since her ex-uncle in law brutally murdered her parents and siblings. >> i'm thankful for all the people that have been praying for me and keeping my family in their thoughts. >> reporter: ron hascal tide up his ex-relatives and shot them all. only cassidy survived with a bullet graze to the head she
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pretended to be dead. she was able to alert police and warned them the accused killer was heading toward her grandparents. >> it's difficult to finger how we'll move on, the best thing is to concentrate on the living to cling to the hope of life that has emerged in this terrible to darkness. >> reporter: in a houston courtroom haskill collapsed twice when he heard the charges against him. this was the sight so many were focused on as they support this fighter and lone survivor. >> i know that my mom and dad, ryan, bech can -- becca and wilm an zack are in a better place and i will see them again one day. thank you for supporting me and my family, stay strong. >> haskill's attorney said he
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suffers from mental illness and was off his medication. reporting in the satellite center, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> other news now, here at home, more than 1,000 trump employees will receive slips telling them they will be closed. they will close september 16. the showboat is closing next month. a revel may shut down if a buyer can't be found in bankruptcy court. president obama is traveling to delaware. the president will stop at the damaged stretch of 495 and make that a focal point of the need for infrastructure. >> the world cup final is today on 6abc, live coverage begins on
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"action news" at noon. people across the globe will be watching. garbage tina takes on -- argentina takes on germany. vladimir putin and the ukraine's leader will be in the stadium. however, ukraine's government said the president declined an invitation to attend. labron will james will be in the crowd. he made headlines by signing with his old team cleveland. the world cup coverage gains at 3:00 p.m. followed by "action news" at 6:00 p.m. stream the matches on your phone or tablet. >> the ben franklin bridge is closed as thousands of cyclists pedal with a focus. this is the 42nd annual cancer
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society bike-a-thon. the action cam was there on the ben franklin bridge as the bikers set off on their 6 are -- 65-mile route to buena vista, new jersey. this is the largest single day biking event in the area raising $1.6 million a year, again, you've got another 20 minutes or so before that opens back up. >> the cake boss in need of rescue. details ahead on "action news" sunday morning. >> more news you didn't see last night. fire ripped through a local family's home. >> a girl who survived a brutal attack by the taliban is on a new mission this morning. abc news talks exclusively with her. the community comes together for an 11-year-old waiting a lung transplant. she has battled through so much. >> reporter: we have a couple of things on storm tracker 6 live,
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i'll show you that in a couple of seconds. it's going to be a hot and humid sunday ahead. strong storms coming monday .
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>> welcome back, it is 7:11 on this sunday, 73 cease. sky6 live hd take -- 73 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the center city skyline. you can seem the peco building in the distance. chris sowers is on vacation this week do you think he misses us? >> he is sleeping. >> reporter: chris is a hard worker, he doesn't take off too often. it's nice to fill in for him every now and then. storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing it's dry, although there also cloud cover around. as we go in tighter we have showers that popped up.
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we're seeing springs on the north side of citiary seeing this pop into delaware -- we're seeing this popping into delaware county and central montgomery county at this point. very light stuff at this point. a few cells coming into southern new castle delaware. an indication of how humid and unstable the atmosphere is. although what we see this morning doesn't amount to all that much. as we look outside, we have sky 6, penns landing. looks like at her getting ready to do some stuff down in penns landing. we're looking at humid conditions, if you're doing something, keep the cool drink flowing. the highlights as we get into it, it will be more humid, a mixture of clouds and sun overall. monday and tuesday we're expecting stormy conditions to develop in the afternoon. some of the storms that form early next week could be strong and gusty.
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my friend adrien from havertown, telling us it's 73. it's getting more humid. winds out of the south at 11 miles. satellite and radar showing there's a fair amount of cloud cover. we have holes in the clouds, so i expect clouds and sun mix during most of the day. most of the precip is out to the west and looks like the best chance of seeing something today would be late this afternoon and tonight in the northern and western suburbs. everybody will have to keep their eyes out because it's generally humid and unstable. 71 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 81 degrees, 2:00 p.m., 88 degrees, chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm better chance of that north and
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west of philadelphia. high temperatures toasty just about everywhere. 90 in reading. 89 in wilmington, down the shore, a bit of a break, low 80s, everybody humid and breezy at times. that's the call from phillies and nationals. first pitch temperature, 87. humid and breeze for the ballgame. hopefully the phillies can take that set from the nats. up in the poconos, 79 degrees afternoon and evening thunderstorms up in the poconos because you're up closer from where the action will be emanating from. 70 degrees in the water off ac. 84 on beach. if you hear thunders get off the beach. tomorrow we have a cold front coming in closer from the west. as we get into the afternoon and evening there's a chance of heavy downpour-producing gusty thunderstorms. we might get severe thunderstorms over the next couple of days and drenching
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downpours producing potential flash flooding and tuesday, as well. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 90 can't rule out a thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia, most of the area is dry. tomorrow, 91, hot and humid, strong thunderstorms around in the afternoon and evening. tuesday if that front doesn't scoot through fast enough we have another day where we could see strong storms and downpours. the temperature drop to 85. the wednesday, by the shore there's a shower lingering, improving day, high of 82. thursday, looks great, 82. already making plans for thursday, friday not a bad day, although it might start to feel a little bit stickier friday, 84 and saturday there could another thunderstorm. >> not great, not bad. don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather
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anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> for a second daylightenning daylightenning -- day, lightning is being blamed for a death in rocky mountain park. friday, park officials say lightning killed a woman and injured 7 others at the park. meanwhile, the storm brought wind and
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>> shopping for clothes online can be tough, right, but thanks to some new sizing tools, figuring out a fight fit that familiarities just became a -- flatters just became a whole lot easier. >> reporter: from shoes to jeans to black dresses, there's nothing like trying on clothes before you by. shop smart said brand new tools
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can help you pick the right size for online shopping. >> reporter: you don't have to use any measuring, you answer couple of confess and you get a true fit. >> reporter: some other online retailers are trying out fitting tools. >> we thought was time to take a look at this emerging technology. we think there's a lot of promise here. >> reporter: this works on apple devices. you plug in the size you wear in your favorite brand and it will tell you the best size in more than 500 other brands. as for shoes, the tool fitter helps you compare sizes. >> it has almost a 3-d replica of the shoe. it can tell you if you wear a size 8 in this shoe, maybe you
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need a 7 1/2 in that shoe. >> reporter: when it comes to jeans you can i.d. your curve and find the best fit. it might be easier than finding a fit in the store. >> jeans and bathing suit shopping never fun, right. >> the american academy of neurology is urging doctors to cross the cross the line of doctor/patient confidentiality. they want doctors to communicate directly with coaches if the players get concussions. it's a move to ease the pressure of getting back on the field. a happily married couple in tennessee is separating a because of their health care. they said she wouldn't qualify for the affordable care act or social security if they stayed together, because their joint income was too high.
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to be able to pay for linda's medical bills, they decided to separate after 33 years of marriage. >> in order to keep my wife alive, i can't live with her. >> they live two miles
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[bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's! >> yo, murph was at the philadelphia union game at colorado. it was 6abc night at the ppl park. the game finished tied at 3. you were here yesterday morning and back at the stadium. and back here.
7:24 am
how many days are you going to work twheek. >> reporter: this week? >> reporter: hey, listener it was a free ticket. the union are doing well. we have showers in parts of chester county and delaware county getting this right now. a little bit of this has managed to push into central montgomery county and it may cross the delaware bay and get into salem and cumberland counties. that's all the precip we have this morning and frankly most of the day is dry. my twitter follower, shirley was out fishing and caught a picture of the supermoon that big moon we've had the last couple of nights, not bad, huh? my twitter follower, in peddlers village check on it you tell, it's day two of the bluegrass and blue berry festival.
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73 in allentown. 69 in sea isle city, 69 at the boardwalk. it will be warm today, high of 90 around 4:00 p.m. that's how the numbers will go. slight chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm through the day. the best chance is north and west of philadelphia later today and tonight. >> chase utley receives his all star jersey before the series finals with the national. utley had a key play in last night's loss, snapping the game's five game win streak. jeff skeverski has sports. >> reporter: fools gold or is this team for real? the phillies in last place for the last few weeks, believe it or not, the hottest team in baseball. phils fans vailt to bark -- have a a lot to bark about.
7:26 am
jason werth drove in three runs. here come the phils two on for marlin byrd in the hole. jimmy rollins scores, here comes chase utley he scores. phils get within 1. in the 8th. benefit revere up the middle, rbi single to tie it at 3. revere in the lineup because dom brown got sick at the last minute. chase utley misplays it. it comes back to haunt them. oh, no, the rbi single. phils lose. the five-game winning streak is over. they are nine back and the phils not happy after this game. >> high chopper tried to get in
7:27 am
to catch and tag, i realized i couldn't do that, i switched to jimmy and it couldn't work out in our favor, it cost us the game. >> reporter: labron james signs a contract with cleaved for $42 million, it's a short deal so he could get a new one when the salary cap goes up in 2016. here's labron in brazil here's king james talking for the first time about making the decision to go back to cleveland. >> it's a place to be home be able to represent the family and the friends and fans. it gives me an opportunity to reunite with one of my favorite teammates. it's going to be unbelievable,
7:28 am
man, i'm looking forward to the challenge. >> reporter: labron would not give a world cup prediction, of course, he upset a few cities over the years, probably doesn't want to upset a county. argentina and germany today at if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions.
7:29 am
corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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meteorologist david murphy joining us with the accuweather forecast. all right, ladies we have a lot
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of clouds over philadelphia. there are other parts of the region getting a bit more sun. the showers showing up on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning, obviously they are not everywhere, basically a small cluster pushing through new castle county, delaware and parts of chester and delaware county and montgomery county seeing just a couple of drizzle drops on the windshield.unty this is not much, but an indication that the atmosphere is humid and unstable. 73 degrees if philadelphia. 73 in wilmington. 73 in allentown. a bit on the muggy side. shore areas up in the # 0s out of the -- 70s out of the 60s. noon 84. this afternoon 89 degrees by 3:00 p.m. the high of 90 hits around 4:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. we're at 86 degrees are it will be more humid than yesterday. there's a chance of spotty shower horror thunderstorm. the best chance is north and west of philadelphia, late this afternoon and this evening.
7:32 am
if you have a pool party or hanging out an chilling on your own. remember the sunscreen. there will be sunshine in play overall where you'll have uv index high at times. 4:00 p.m., 90 degrees, wow. when i step inside we'll have more on the storms coming in tomorrow and, perhaps, tuesday. >> new this morning, a man was shot while sitting on the steps often west second street. he was rushed for treatment at christiana hospital. him search -- the search is on for the shooter. a man was stabbed inside a chinese takeout lucky garden takeout restaurant. he was stabbed in the neck and ear. no word on his condition. malala is on a new mission
7:33 am
she survived after being attacked the taliban while campaigning for women's rights. >> reporter: malala arrived today on her 17th birthday. she flew 14 hours to africa with one wish to bring home the nigerian girls abducted two months ago. she will meet with several young women who escaped from boko haram compared to the taliban. malala told me why this trip was so important to make on her birthday. >> you've traveled so long, it is your 17th birthday. tell me why it was so important for you to be. >> it is my 17th birthday last year when i celebrated it
7:34 am
was in the u.n. this year i thought was important thaig to my -- that i go to nigeria, where i need to raise up their voice. >> reporter: malala will meet with good luck jonathan to talk about the increasing desperation of the missing young women to put the spotlight on what she calls her sisters who need to come home. >> malala will be in philadelphia this fall to receive the liberty medal you can see our live coverage from the national constitution center october 21. >> tracy morgan was released
7:35 am
and is at home. he suffered a broken leg and broken ribs when his limousine was hit on the new jersey turnpike by a walmart truck. morgan is suing wal-mart amid accusation that the driver was sleep deprived something an 11-year-old girl had a birthday fit for a princess. annie mccormick met cocoa who faced challenges in her young life beyond her health battle >> reporter: her mile is so big, it's hard to tell cocoa can only take shallow breaths and waiting for a double lung transplant. she goes by the name cocoa. >> she said she feels -- >> special.
7:36 am
>> reporter: they are the people who packed a fawnd -- fund racer and the community who donated gifts for rarvel and cakes. >> you were in the hospital during your real birthday what did you do to get ready? >> i pick out my clothes the day before and i got up and put on my makeup. >> reporter: cocoa has pulmonary fibroses. she knows new lungs are the only option. him. >> i won't get sick allot, i won't be in and out of the hospital. >> she is like she said she is my eyes and my heart, everything to me. >> reporter: cocoa lives with her grandparents in northeast philadelphia. her mother is not involved in her life. her father was murdered 8 years ago. her uncle is working to raise money for renovations for her
7:37 am
room and expenses. so far go fund me has raised half of their goal. >> is you heard now, she is sweet and smiling she is here now and i look at her all the time. i don't want to lose her. >> reporter: new ewing township, new jersey, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> here a few stories that caught our eye overnight. check this out, this is not a fake picture this is what the moon looked like last night. an incredible picture to look at there. the summer of super moons kicked off. the action cam got the full effect late alternative. the supermoon is when the moon turns full when it gets closest to earth. experts say the supermoon on august 10 will be the brightest. it has been 100 years since the great bambino played his
7:38 am
first great. the largest babe ruth auction was held in history. ruth's contract in 1918 was for five thousand dollars. the document sold for 1.$2 million. the contract was signed by ruth and the owner of the red sox. the represents the highest price ever paid for a sports contract. be nice to have a million dollars laying around. >> i would not mind. thanks eva. here's something you don't see everyday on the schuylkill expressway it's called invisible river. isn't this beautiful. you can see two dancers suspended from the strawberry mansion bridge. 65 boats traveled along the river to take part. if you want to see it in person, they perform tonight 7 to
7:39 am
9:00 p.m. folks came out at strawberry mansion high school to add 30 raised beds to beautify the area. love that music, the hispanic fiesta continues on penns landing. it celebrates culturing and wonderful dances and fantastic foods from across the spanish speaking world. it runs from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today. looks like a lot of fun. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday. >> kids creating their own masterpieces it's part of the art splash at the philadelphia museum of art. >> meteorologist david murphy is back with the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. storms all this week. a reminder you can stay on top of the hot weather with the storm tracker 6 live app, get
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>> breaking news at 7:30 a jersey city police officer has been murdered on the job. the officer was shot inside a walgreens. he was responding to an incident at the store at 4:00 a.m. our sister station wabc is identifying the officer as melvin santiago.
7:43 am
"action news" with our news app will stay on top of the story for you him. >> for the first time in five years, people in burbank, illinois you dealing with major flooding. roads were turned into rivers after flash flooding yesterday. folks who drove through the high water got stuck and needed to be rescued. more rain is expected in the area today. >> reporter: the front coming in from the west could produce heavy downpours, if you happen to live in an area that gets one storm after a another, you might have fast rising water on roads. don't drive through it. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have light rain passing through quickly. no lightning. every now and then there's a patch of yellow, which is a quick hit of steadier rain. new castle county, delaware. southern montgomery county may be getting this, and a couple of
7:44 am
sprinkles are tripping into salem county, new jersey. as we look outside, we have sky 6 this morning, we have a live view of cape may, new jersey in hd it is looking good in cape may. a couple of early folks enjoying the very moderate temperatures that we have across the region right now. jerry my twitter follower in astin reports 73 degrees. 73 in wilmington, as well. 75 in reading. 73 in allentown. down the shore, 07 in sea isle to the boardwalk in atlantic city. there's cloud cover over philadelphia along with the sprinkles in the vicinity. down the shore, clearing, we saw that on sky 6. overall we're looking at clouds and sun today. mainly dry with a spotty shower popping up here or there. late today and tonight some of
7:45 am
stuff to the west may pop into the northern and western suburbs in particular. that would be the best chance of thunderstorm. north and west. in allentown that would be the northern and western areas. sun and clouds a high of 89. otherwise a bit on the humid side. farther north in the poconos you have the threat of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. 79 degrees is the high there. muggy for a sunday up in the poconos and down the shore, less chance of rain down there and 79 degrees by noon. 83 on the beach at 3:00 p.m. sun and clouds it will be more humid, i would keep the sunscreen handy, because when the sun comes out the uv index will be high. in philadelphia we'll go for a hot high of 90. sun and clouds, breezy, humid, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. a little bit of a hold on to your baseball cap today. 78 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 81 by 11.
7:46 am
and 88 degrees by 2:00 p.m. best chance of a thunderstorm would be the evening. north and west is the most likely locations. phils and nats play day baseball. 87 degrees is the first pitch and 90 in the 9th inning. tomorrow we'll have that cold front getting closer to us and we'll be looking at thunderstorms. we have the chance of a drenching downpour producing thunderstorms, gusty winds and lightning and small hail. i can't rule out a couple of cells that could reach severe parameters. that would be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and we may do a repeat on tuesday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, humid and thunderstorm possible here or there this afternoon. best chance north and west, 90 is the high. tomorrow, 91. any sun in the morning gives way to increasing clouds we get the
7:47 am
strong thunderstorm profile coming through. not everybody sees them, but if you do take cover. tuesday we have another day of drenching downpours and thunderstorms, high of 85. wednesday it's a nice day overall, if the front is slow you might have a wednesday shower down the shore. but never fear we're looking for improvement in the afternoon. high of 82 in philadelphia, in the upper 70s down the shore. thursday looks good, friday not too bad. maybe an afternoon thunderstorm on friday, saturday, cloudy and thunderstorms around. >> the vie branlt -- vibrant colors of summer have made their way to the art museum.
7:48 am
>> reporter: art splashes allows guests to explore the museum freely. the ten week long festival offers games and activities within the galleries that indicator -- cater to kids. >> we have books and all blocks all the hallmarks of what a creative child would like. >> reporter: the funding allows the museum to offer initiatives to insure the community has access to the art splash. >> last year, many came to the program program on free or reduced admission. >> reporter: some of the highlights include a selfie station, an incredibly rare horse and 15th century rug.
7:49 am
>> they focus on how it was made where modern process that used plants and animal matter for dyes. we really want to be able to open the doors and sharing the message that this is a place for families from all walks of life throughout philadelphia. >> reporter: for tickets go to the arts in or visit for this and other area events click on the sections tab at the top of the homepage. you'll find arts under categories, for 6abc loves the arts i'm alicia vitarelli.
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>> reality tv cake boss and his family had to be rescued on his boat after being stuck in the
7:52 am
harbor. they are returning to the marina in new jersey when they got lost in the fog. they called for help after nearly colliding with another boat. he tweeted thanks to police and firefighters and next time he'll check the forecast. a airline pilot is being hailed for not his flying skills, but buying pizza. weather caused the plane to be diverted to wyoming. during the two hour stop the pilot called dominoes. >> i was getting hushing debris and we're a big family here, and we take care of each other. and i decided to take care of my passengers and i called dominoes. >> makes the two hour delay a little bit easier, right. the pilot ordered 50 pizzas for all ♪
7:53 am
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>> a lot more humid today, dave. >> reporter: yeah, as we look at storm tracker 6 live we have unstable air and we have showers pushing in from the southwest and pushing toward the northeast. no lightning out there, but a sign of thing to come. 73 degrees if in philadelphia. 73 in millville. 74 up in allentown. as we roll through the day it will be a hot and sticky one. 74 by 9:00 a.m., 84 by noon, 89 by 3:00 p.m. high of 90 around 4:00 p.m. slight chance of pop-up thunderstorm and the best chance is late tonight north and west of philadelphia. >> 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: hey eva and nydia
7:56 am
you mean coming up you on "g.m.a." we're leading with the exodus from gaza. a dicey moment for a family of adventurers, a father and young children on the climb on the highest mount in the alps. a close call for the cake boss. buddy and his family were fogged in. what he is saying about the this mishap coming up on "g.m.a." see you soon. >> "g.m.a." is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you, a
7:57 am
septa bus driver is recovering while attacked 0 on duty overnight. >> squatters in california me into the home with a man with disabilities and police say there's nothing they can do about it. >> for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han, have a great sunday! we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. this morning, exodus. we're with an american mom and her three kids, racing for the border in gaza, as israel launches a deadly commando raid overnight. raising the question, are we on the cusp of a ground war in the holy land? caught on tape. a "gma" exclusive. [ screaming ] >> how family of adventurers, a dad and his children, survivored these terrifying moments on a climb in the so-called corridor of death. >> it was pretty scared. close call for the cake boss. buddy valastro and his family rescued when their boat gets lost if fog thicker than his buttercream frosting. >> you know what? it's time the call for help.


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